Nurture to Blossom

About Me

My approach to health is holistic and takes into account emotional, mental and environmental factors as well as nutrition. I have always had a passion for health and have studied many complementary therapies such as energy healing, EFT, Psych-K, Flower Essences before training to become a Nutritional Therapist. As a Nutritional Therapist I am trained to understand how nutrients, food and lifestyle factors influence the function of the body. I am passionate about helping you to nurture yourself to blossom and thrive.


My passion for nutrition arose a number of years after I had developed a condition called Endometriosis.  Symptoms of endometriosis can vary, a common symptom and the one I experienced most was pain. After several appointments with various specialists and two surgeries later, my condition continued to progress, as did the duration and intensity of pain I experienced. With many questions still unanswered this spurred me on to carry out my own research and I soon learned the association between diet and disease and infertility.  With some changes to my diet and by eliminating inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy and sugar from my diet, I felt the effects almost immediately, and realised how consuming these inflammatory foods were contributing to my symptoms. 

Changing my diet and lifestyle had such a profound effect on my quality of life that I am inspired to want to share what I have learned with everyone.  I chose to study this therapy so that I can help others on their journey to health. 

My approach to food is fundamentally about health, balance and enjoyment, I like to look at healthier ways to make your meals balanced, nutritious and most importantly tasty.  I recommend that we base our diets around foods that have been as minimally processed as possible while adding a rainbow of fruit and vegetables into your daily diet will add a range of health benefits to your body.  

I am dedicated to personal and professional development and frequently attend lectures and seminars to keep up with the latest scientific research.